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Our vision

A programme that is still being imagined

Our vision is to create a place, in Les Marions, which will welcome workshops, trainings, team meetings, as well as cultural and artistic encounters, focused on sustainable development and personal well-being.
Les Marions will host your creations, ours, and those that will emerge from the encounters

that will take place in and around Les Marions.

Themes to be developed - examples

Starting in 2023

frost well.JPG

Ecological renovations

We will harvest the lessons born out of our experience of renovating Les Marions, together with all those who are supporting us, so as to share and enrich what we have learnt.  

Biodiversity and natural resource management

The land in Les Marions, which will host a food forest and other examples of local biodiversity, will offer an ideal setting to explore how to support and live in harmony with Nature. 

yoga room.jpg

Yoga and meditation

Charlotte offers Ananda Yoga classes on Mondays from 6-7:30pm from September to June, and Mondays and Thursdays from 6-7:30pm in July and August. When the weather permits, classes are held outside in the Nature theatre "Terre de Paix". Occasional yoga and/or meditation workshops will also be proposed. Find out more here.  

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