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The might within

A poem

I sat in the little garden.

Heavy hearted, I asked my question to nature:

“What do you ask of me?!”

Attuning my ears to the sounds of Nature,

I listened dubiously for the answer that would resonate with my heart.

Many elements flirted with me:

The wind in the pines,

the flowing water in the fountain,

the chirping of the birds…

They all seemed to be competing for my attention.

“Just go with the flow” whispered the fountain.

“Be light and merry!” chirped the birds.

“Listen to my might!” hustled the wind, swaying large branches over my head.

My intrigued ear yielded to the call of the wind.

A weathered smiling face bearded with clouds whispered:

“Do not fear your might! Behold the reach of your power!”

The cracking of leaves and small hopping steps distracted my ear

as a little sparrow wondered below a bush.

So small and discreet he was.

“What might?” I asked, “when I feel as small and vulnerable as this little chick!”

“Small and weak you think he is,” answered the wind, “but see how he soars when he spreads his wings and rides the waves of my power across the skies!”

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